ATM Skimmers Loot Rs10 lakh in East Delhi
MAS Team | 13 April 2019
A dozen people holding accounts in different banks in east Delhi lost almost Rs10 lakh in a suspected skimming attack after having swiped their cards in ATMs near Laxmi Nagar in the past week. According to The Economic Times, Most of the victims reported using a Punjab National Bank ATM and suspected the skimmer was fitted there. 
Upender Kumar, who owns a business in east Delhi, realised that money was being deducted from his account after he started getting a series of messages from his bank advising him about the withdrawals. The cash was withdrawn through different ATMs across the city.
When Kumar approached his bank with a complaint, he was asked to register a police complaint at the Shakarpur police station. There he discovered that there were at least seven others in the same situation as him. Chirag, for instance, lost Rs 25,000 from his account with a private bank.
Pankaj Kumar, an employee of an IT firm, lost almost all his month’s salary in several such transactions. Arun Kumar, a businessman who lost Rs1.45 lakh from his account in a similar way, said that the bank authorities has sought two months for an inquiry to be conducted, after which they will initiate action.
Police said that a case of cheating and theft would be registered after an inquiry into the stolen cash is completed. The cops have received seven complaints so far and are scanning the footage from CCTV cameras fitted in some of the unguarded ATM kiosks for clues to the identities of the culprits.