Central Railway finds fake ticket travelers, misuse of senior citizen quote on trains
MAS Team | 27 November 2020
The Central Railway has recorded 428 cases of fake tickets, including 102 for AC class, since June, writes The Mumbai Mirror. Officials said touts are using stolen data to produce copies of tickets sold at booking windows. This is leading to fights on board trains, with two passengers arriving with tickets for the same berth.
Officials said waitlisted tickets are not allowed since train services resumed. As a result, touts have taken to printing counterfeit tickets on original looking paper using actual PNR, train and berth numbers, with just the name of the passenger changing. This can be spotted in the booking charts at stations and the wrongful user is not permitted to board the train.
A CR official said passengers booking tickets through agents are unaware of the fraud and blame railway authorities when they don’t find their names on charts. Ticket checkers have to handle the fight between passengers and also convey who the rightful claimant of the berth is and the one with the fake ticket has to pay a penalty and can also be deboarded. Sometimes, checkers need to take help from RPF personnel. 
Through this modus operandi, investigation teams have also detected over 100 cases of misuse of senior citizens’ quota since June. For this, too, touts print original looking tickets in colour, with the name and the age of the passenger changed.