EPFO Allows Physical Claim Settlement in Death Cases with Incorrect Aadhaar Details
MAS Team | 20 May 2024
The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has issued a circular detailing the settlement of physical claims in cases where a deceased member's Aadhaar details were incorrect or unavailable. This move aims to address situations where an EPF account holder's Universal Account Number (UAN) could not be seeded with Aadhaar, and the subscriber is now deceased.
The EPFO has outlined numerous cases where physical claim settlement will be permitted, including:
A. Incorrect member details recorded in Aadhaar. B. Unavailability of Aadhaar for death cases predating the implementation of Aadhaar. C. Deactivated Aadhaar accounts or technical errors in validating Aadhaar from the UIDAI database.
In these cases, field offices were unable to process physical claims, leading to avoidable delays in the timely release of funds to beneficiaries.
Since Aadhaar details cannot be corrected after a member's death, the EPFO has decided to allow the processing of physical claims without seeding Aadhaar, but only as a 'temporary measure'.
However, this concession is subject to the due approval of the Officer in Charge (OIC) through an e-file duly recording the details of the verification carried out to confirm the deceased's membership and the genuineness of the claim.
The provident fund has highlighted that these instructions will apply only to cases where the member's details are correct in the UAN but inaccurate or incomplete in the Aadhaar database.
In cases where the Aadhaar details are correct but inaccurate in the UAN, the instructions issued earlier regarding rectification of data in the UAN will be adhered to.
This move by the EPFO aims to facilitate the settlement of physical claims for the legal successors of deceased EPF account holders, ensuring that the release of funds to beneficiaries is not hindered by discrepancies or unavailability of Aadhaar details.