Streamlining EPF Accounts: How to Consolidate Multiple UANs
MAS Team | 15 April 2024
Having multiple Universal Account Numbers (UANs) can be a hassle, but there's a way to consolidate them into a single account for ease of management.
The UAN, a 12-digit identifier for individuals, remains constant throughout your career, providing a unified view of EPF contributions across different employments. However, changes in jobs or oversight can lead to the creation of multiple UANs, complicating matters.
To merge multiple UANs into one, follow these steps:
1. Initiate the Process:
o Contact EPFO via email at [email protected]. Include your current active UAN and the UAN(s) you want to merge.
o Inform your current employer about the issue. They can guide you through the process and assist in initiating the transfer.
2. EPFO Validation and Deactivation:
o EPFO will validate the details and deactivate the previous UAN(s) once the request is processed.
3. Funds Transfer (Offline):
o Download Form 13, the physical claim form, from the EPFO website.
o Fill out the form with details from both your current and former employers. Their signatures may be required for verification.
o Submit the filled form to your current employer for processing.
Before proceeding, ensure the following:
Confirm that your KYC details (Name, Address, Date of Birth, etc.) match across all UANs for a smoother verification process.
Keep a copy of the submitted Form 13 for your records.
Monitor the transfer status on the EPFO website using your active UAN.
While the online aspect begins the process, the offline steps are crucial for completing the consolidation of your multiple UANs. Don't hesitate to seek assistance from your current employer to navigate through these procedures effectively.