For financial consumers, who need customised help, Moneylife Advisory provides ethical and effective financial information backed by a decade of rigorous, unbiased research. The service includes comprehensive suite of recommendations and tools for stocks, bonds, debt funds, bank FDs, equity funds and insurance. Plus, our experts address your queries one-on-one online.

There are hundreds of investment products. Which are ones where you should put your money at a particular time? We offer you a very small select list. You won’t need to look beyond.
Without correct knowledge, investing turns out to be a dangerous business. You will lose your hard-earned money in harmful products – as most people do. Of course, investment information is very easily available. Stockbrokers, distributors, financial planners, insurance agents, relationship managers, online aggregators and dozens of websites, newspapers, magazines and 6-7 TV channels all pouring out information, mostly free. But is such a flood of free information helpful or harmful?
The Solution
MAS, registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India as investment advisors (Registration number: INP000006873) attempts to fix the investors problems with an ethical and effective approach. Our revenue is not tied to your transactions, because we don't sell you any financial product. We have spent decades in the financial market, knowing the risks of financial products and the pains of financial consumers.