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Common features

Moneylife Magazine 1-year online access to the magazine articles published during the subscription period.
Access is given for all articles published during the week (starting Monday) your subscription starts. For example, if you subscribe on Wednesday, you will have access to articles uploaded from Monday of that week.
This means access to other articles (outside the subscription period) are not included.
Articles outside the subscription period can be bought separately for a small price per article.

Product Reviews
Handbook, Your Money Life

Which bank FD
Which debt funds?
Which liquid funds?
Which other fixed income?

Tax-saving tool
Tax-proof Investing through Relatives
Capital gains tax tool

Which Mediclaim with or without floater?
Which Medicaim with Maternity Benefits?
Which Critical Illness Plan
Which Accident Insurance?
Which top up/super top up?
Health Insurance Selector Tool

Life Insurance
Term Plan Recommendations
Insurance Surrender Tool

Optional features: Choose One

Recommendations for:

  • Large cap and Multi-cap schemes
  • Mid-cap Funds schemes
  • Arbitrage Funds

We do not recommend foreign, sector, balanced & hybrid funds

Recommendations for:

  • Large cap + mid caps stocks

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Anybody who has some understanding of the financial markets know that financial consumers are simply sales targets of financial companies and victims of wrong or untested advice and harmful products. However, because of lack of time, technical nature of financial products, consumers cannot do it all by themselves. They need unbiased help and continuous support. Unfortunately, it is dangerous to be guided by stockbrokers, distributors, insurance agents, relationship managers, online aggregators, portals, or the media.
We have a mission to change this dismal situation by offering you a financial advisory service that just works for your benefit. And we want it offer it a price that is of enormous value for you. So we have set our pricing at a low level so that more and more people can benefit.


Subscription, Processes & Operations

You must fully read the following sections:
FAQ for stockletters
Guidelines for asking questions
Terms and Policy

If you are an existing subscriber of the Moneylife weekly online magazine and / or lion stockletter, you will first have to pay the FULL amount towards the subscription package. However, to avoid duplication of the subscription, the credit amount available with us, (towards the remaining period of your existing subscription to Moneylife weekly online magazine Magazine and/or Lion Stockletter), will be utilised to extend your annual subscription. The extension in the number of days will be based on the package price of your MAS subscription.

You will a get a welcome mail after you become a member which will tell you what you have subscribed for. You will have access to the parts of the website you have subscribed for, including the magazine, for as long as you are a member. These sections are common for all subscribers:
1. Free accident insurance
2. Fixed income Investment recommendations
3. Tax saving tools
4. ELSS SIP tool

Finally, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask here:

To make the best use of this website, here are some guidelines:

There is no video as of now but we are ready to answer all your queries. Please post your queries in the Ask section.

You can view them from your MAS profile dashboard under 'Stockletter' –

You will get an alert in your inbox on the site.

You should not. You should encourage others to join this service.

No, it is a yearly subscription.

The subscription is for fixed periods and not extendable.

Common Package - What’s included and what’s not?

We do not sell the common package separately. You have to select at least one optional package while subscribing.

Moneylife magazine is not a print publication anymore. You will get access only to the digital content of the Moneylife weekly online magazine by using this link

The handbook is accessible online through this link:

Recommended list of bank FDs, debt funds, liquid funds, and other fixed income investments based on our research.

You can ask questions to clear your doubts about financial products or about our service. -

There is no limit. However, we have restrictions on what kind of questions you could ask. Please read this first:

No. We cannot offer one-on-one advice.

No. Tax queries are not part of the service.

Optional Packages – What’s included and what’s not?

If you have invested in stocks for at least 5 years and have the experience of gains and losses, go for stocks. Otherwise go for equity funds.

We can review your portfolio and offer our opinion. It cannot be seen as investment advice as per SEBI’s regulations.

You can also choose Lion stockletter as an option along with service. You can also choose from three other services we have: Stockletters, Assisted Portfolio or Portfolio Management Servces.

Recommendations on debt funds are a part of the common package. However, you will have to additionally choose either - equity funds, stocks or insurance as an optional package to complete your subscription. We do not sell the common package separately.

We do not offer customised portfolios. However, before onboarding you can check your risk score and know the extent of equity investments suitable for your risk appetite.

Panther, Antelope or Tortoise stockletters are not part of this service. You will need to subscribe to these separately from here

At any time, you will get access to the current week's stockletter and to the stockletters released during your subscription period. You need to follow the recommendations mentioned in the most recent stockletter.

We can review your portfolio and offer our opinion. However, it will be our opinion about those schemes. They will not be investment advice as per SEBI’s regulations.

Once you subscribe
1. You will have access to our recommendations on insurance or equity funds or Lion stocks as per the optional package that you have chosen
2. You can post any query relating to these recommendations by using the Ask section

Only Lion is part of the services. You need to buy Panther / Antelope / Tortoise / Elephant separately from here.

Handling insurance claim is not part of our service. It is your insurance agent who handles your claims, because he is the person who gets a fat commission for it. Thus, it his responsibility to help you with your claims.

No, these services are performed by insurance agents for which they charge commissions. We are not insurance agents. We research and offer recommendations on the right insurance products.

This facility is currently not available. You cannot add another package for part of the one-year period.

Subscription to the Optional packages of Stocks includes only the Lion Stockletter and its SIP Tool. You will need to subscribe to the other stockletters separately from here

Suitability/Whom is this Service for?

People from all age groups can join. You may be single or married, with or without children or approaching retirement. If you need a curated list of financial products that have undergone our selection process, then this would be useful for you. The subscription is meant for a single user.

Yes, you can. Indeed, this service would be of great benefit to you, if you wish to buy Indian financial products.

The service is for a single person since everyone has a different risk profile and different financial need.


You can pay online through a variety of means using payment gateways. We prefer an online payment because your account gets automatically created.

You can also pay by way of direct credit to our bank account through NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS/ UPI, account payee crossed cheque/ demand draft, by depositing the same in our bank account.

Our Bank account details are as under:
Account No: 5012978293
Account Type: Current Account, Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd,
Branch: Cadell Road, Shivaji Park, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400028,
IFSC code: KKBK0001376

In case, if you are not comfortable with the above modes, you can send us the payment via Cheque / Demand Draft in the name of MONEYLIFE ADVISORY SERVICES PVT LTD vis courier/post, addressed to our Subscription Department at.,

Moneylife Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.
316, 3rd Floor, Hind Service Industries Premises,
Off. Veer Savarkar Marg, Near Shivaji Park Seaface,
Dadar (W), Mumbai 400028

Kindly do write to us at [email protected], once you have deposited/transferred/sent us the payment via courier/post, along with the subscription details, so as to enable us to keep track and confirm the receipt of your payments and guide you further on the subsequent subscription process towards the activation of your services

Fees once paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.


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